Soutik Das

Soutik Das is an enthusiastic member of Aabaha’s theater productions, actively engaging in plays like Barnabiprajay, Patalbabu Filmstar, Sundar, and Resurrection. With his remarkable skills, Soutik contributes greatly to Aabaha’s art department, showcasing his talents as a gifted painter and cartoonist.

Notably, Soutik shares his captivating cartoons on Facebook under the name “The Babumoshai,” where he has garnered a substantial following of 141K. His unique artistic style and clever sense of humor captivate his audience and bring joy to their lives.

Soutik’s contributions to Aabaha’s productions and his artistic endeavors demonstrate his dedication and passion for the arts. His talent as a painter and cartoonist adds depth and creativity to the theater community, making him a valuable asset to Aabaha and the artistic landscape as a whole.