বর্ণবিপর্যয় (Barnobiparjay)

Synopsis: Barnobiparjay, written by Mohit Chattopadhyay, tells the story of an internal quest that resides in every human being and the fear of losing one’s self. Playwright: Mohit Chattopadhyay Direction & Music : Kallol Nandi Casts:Soutik Das, Rishi Ghosh, Snithik Das, Tanishka Das, Shubhagato Bhattacharjee, Pranjal Karmakar, and Subhadeep Ghosh Sound: Ambarish Mitra Light: Sudipta Samanta, and Anasuya …

ফেরা (The Return)

Synopsis: Social crises pushed talented youngs to opt for an anarchist lifestyle, but a doubt was always there in their mind. Story unfolds how they came back to the mainstream when an innocent man was abducted by the gang. Playwright: Anupam Mukhopadhyay Direction, Recording & Editing: Kallol Nandi Casts:Pranjal Karmakar, Debleena Banerjee, and Soutik Das. Poster Designer:Soutik Das

About Us

A group of theater enthusiasts from Greater Metro Atlanta of the United States of America are working together to hone their skills on various forms of theaters. Not bound by the traditional methods and forms of theaters, we try to bring up our emotions and narratives in some alternative ways with a hope to reach audiences far and wide.

As electronic gizmos and digital media step in all aspects of human life, it opens a new dimension for the creative minds. In this enhanced and more capable world, like many others, we also experiment with both form and content of plays, encouraging innovative efforts while holding true to social accountability and artistic integrity.

Aabaha strives to be a platform to various forms of theater, preserve and adopt the tradition of theater to changing times, create social awareness using theater, encouraging cultural exchanges between people of diverse ethnicity and languages.

Our mission:

Creating a new digital space for theater
Reaching out to a broader global audience
Adopting the demands of the changing world
Expanding and experimenting with structure and form of traditional theater
Preserve the art and tradition of theater albeit in new formats

Aabaha, Inc is a 501(c)(3) Domestic Nonprofit Corporation, registered in the state of Georgia, USA.

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