Press Release: Aabaha Transcends Boundaries with Gripping Drama “Existence” at Bay Area Amateur Thespians Virtual Theater Festival, 2022

January 15, 2022

Aabaha, a beacon of artistic brilliance and creative expression, delivered a captivating theatrical experience with their poignant drama “Existence” at the esteemed Bay Area Amateur Thespians Virtual Theater Festival. The gripping performance, presented on January 15, 2022, resonated deeply with virtual audiences, showcasing the power of storytelling to transcend physical boundaries.

Synopsis: A Journey Through Grief and Memory

“Existence” delves into the intricate fabric of human emotions, exploring themes of loneliness, remembrance, love, life, and loss. The narrative unfolds around the character of Sabin, a man enveloped in the shroud of grief and haunted by memories that imprison him in a world detached from reality. As Sabin grapples with his wife’s ailment and her loss of reason following the tragic death of their child, the story uncovers the labyrinthine depths of his own inner demons.

Play Credits: Merging Vision and Craftsmanship

A Journey of Emotion: “Existence”

Under the masterful guidance of Kallol Nandi’s visionary direction and screenplay, “Existence” was brought to life with a profound sense of emotion and authenticity. The talented cast, featuring Kaushik Bardhan, Debarati Mitra, Chaitali De, and Debatirtha Basu, delivered stellar performances that evoked a range of feelings and sentiments, connecting with the hearts of virtual audiences.

Aabaha: Pioneering Virtual Artistry

Aabaha’s presentation of “Existence” at the Bay Area Amateur Thespians Virtual Theater Festival underscored their innovative approach to theater, leveraging the digital realm to deliver powerful performances that transcend geographical barriers. The virtual platform allowed the audience to immerse themselves in the story’s emotional landscape, highlighting the resilience of art in adapting to new mediums.

A Transformative Experience

“Existence” not only entertained but also moved audiences, sparking introspection and dialogue about the intricate layers of human existence. Aabaha’s dedication to meaningful storytelling and artistic excellence continues to redefine the boundaries of theatrical exploration.

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