Mahuya Mandal

Mahuya is a dedicated math teacher with a busy schedule, but she has found a way to pursue her passion for theater through her involvement with Aabaha. Aabaha has become an important part of her life, allowing her to showcase her talent and perform in various productions. Her interest in drama was sparked during her early years in India, and she has been performing since a young age. Mahuya has a desire to take on more challenging and complex characters in the future, pushing herself further in her theatrical journey.

In addition to theater, Mahuya actively participates in cultural groups that focus on recitation in Atlanta. This allows her to explore different forms of artistic expression. During her leisure time, she enjoys engaging in activities like gardening, hiking, and spending quality time with her loved ones. Despite her busy life, Mahuya remains committed to nurturing her artistic pursuits and finding fulfillment both on and off the stage.