Kaushik Bardhan

Kaushik Bardhan was born and raised in Kolkata, a city known for its cultural heritage throughout India. He has an Engineering degree from Jadavpur University and is currently a software product architect by profession. Kaushik moved to the USA during mid of 2000, and lived in four different states across Northwest, Midwest and Southeastern US. He has also been an expat to the UK for a few years before finally settling in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area since 2017.

He started his first ever performance at Second Grade with a play that was written, directed and co-acted by him. Kaushik has later been trained by the resident creative director during his school days at Rahara Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home where he was a regular actor for 2-3 major plays every year bringing the essence of traditional value systems to the audiences through social plays. He has also worked in various capacities with Bengali Association of Minnesota, Katha Dance Theatre in Minneapolis-MN, Samhati in Bentonville-Arkansas and Bengali Association of GA. Kaushik has played an active role with the prominent theatre groups like Abhinayam and Aabaha in Atlanta. Kaushik believes in the power of storytelling through performing arts on social values, current affairs, cultural diversities in our societies while bridging the lifestyle of India and USA.

Kaushik has been performing on and off-stage with Aabaha since its inception in 2019. The Story-Caprine, Existence, Resurrection, Patalbabu Film star, and A Modern Story are few dramas staged where he played versatile roles. Kaushik is also an instrumental in hosting the International Theatre Festival (ITF) for the last three years in order to bring the various Performing Arts organizations from five continents under one online platform to share the creative productions and keep this form alive during the pandemic. With his initiative, ITF has shown tremendous success in growing its audience reaching a wider audience base across the globe promoting the cultural footprint of Atlanta and Southern US.