Kaushik Bardhan

Kaushik Bardhan, hailing from Kolkata, holds an Engineering degree from Jadavpur University and he is a multi-talented individual with a deep passion for the arts. He had lived different states in the USA and UK before settling in Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Kaushik’s journey in the performing arts began at a young age when he wrote, directed, and acted in his first play during second grade. He received training from the resident creative director at Rahara Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home, where he regularly performed in 2-3 major plays every year.

Kaushik has also been actively involved with various cultural organizations, including the Bengali Association of Minnesota, Katha Dance Theatre in Minneapolis, Samhati in Bentonville, and the Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta.

Prior to Aabaha, Kaushik has played a significant role in Abhinayam theater group. Since Aabaha’s inception in 2019, he has been actively involved in both on-stage and off-stage performances. He has showcased his versatility through roles in dramas like “The Story-Caprine,” “Existence,” “Resurrection,” “Patalbabu Filmstar,” and “A Modern Story.”

Kaushik’s passion for theater goes beyond performing on stage. He has taken the initiative to host Aabaha’s International Theatre Festival for the past three years, providing a platform for performing arts organizations from five continents to showcase their creative productions online. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, his efforts have successfully grown the festival’s audience base, reaching a global audience and promoting Atlanta and the Southern US as a cultural hub.

Through his involvement in theater and the International Theatre Festival, Kaushik Bardhan aims to utilize the power of storytelling and performing arts to address social values, current affairs, and cultural diversity. He bridges the gap between Indian and American lifestyles, creating meaningful connections and promoting cultural understanding.

Kaushik’s dedication and contributions to the arts community have made a significant impact in Atlanta and beyond, fostering cultural exchange and enriching the theater landscape with his passion and creativity.