Press Release: Aabaha’s Captivating Audio Drama “Return” Enthralls Audiences at Bango Utsav 2022

Cumming, GA – June 5, 2022 – Aabaha, a beacon of artistic brilliance and cultural celebration, took the spotlight at Bango Utsav 2022 with their captivating audio drama “Return.” The mesmerizing performance, held on June 5, 2022, at South Forsyth High School, Cumming, GA, left the audience spellbound during the vibrant event organized by Purbasha.

Synopsis: A Tale of Redemption and Discovery

“Return” weaves a compelling narrative around the lives of talented youths grappling with the weight of social crises, leading them towards an anarchist lifestyle. However, a seed of doubt is sown in their minds, setting them on a transformative journey back to the mainstream. The story delves into their return when an innocent man is abducted by the gang, unraveling a web of emotions and choices.

Play Credits: Unveiling Remarkable Talent

A Symphony of Sound and Emotion: “Return”

Under the expert guidance of Kallol Nandi’s direction, recording, and editing prowess, “Return” was brought to life with a symphony of sounds and emotions. The skilled cast, featuring Pranjal Karmakar, Debleena Banerjee, and Soutik Das, masterfully conveyed the intricate layers of the characters’ journeys, immersing the audience in a world of captivating audio storytelling.

Aabaha: Bridging Cultures Through Art

Aabaha’s presentation of “Return” at Bango Utsav 2022 exemplifies their commitment to fostering cultural exchange and artistic dialogue. By infusing Anupam Mukhopadhyay’s thought-provoking work with life and emotion, Aabaha continues to bridge the gap between diverse cultures and communities.

Empowering the Community Through Art

Aabaha’s participation in Bango Utsav 2022 underscores their dedication to empowering the community through the enchantment of theater. The audio drama “Return” not only resonated with the audience’s hearts but also sparked meaningful conversations about choices, redemption, and the impact of social crises on individuals.

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