Press Release: Aabaha’s Annual Show 2022

A Theatrical Extravaganza of Emotion and Exploration

Atlanta, GA – August 28, 2022

Aabaha’s Annual Show 2022 mesmerized audiences with an enchanting showcase of two compelling plays, “Potolbabu Filmstar” and “Barnobiparjay.” On Sunday, August 28, 2022, the vibrant city of Atlanta was treated to an unforgettable evening of theater, as these thought-provoking productions illuminated the stage, delving into the depths of human emotion, self-discovery, and the power of storytelling.

“Potolbabu Filmstar”: A Journey of Rediscovery

Adapted from the original story by the legendary Satyajit Ray, “Potolbabu Filmstar” transported viewers into the world of Potol Babu, a former theatre luminary grappling with family responsibilities and a fading passion for acting. The poignant portrayal of Potol’s transformation, brought to life by director Soumitra Mitra and a talented cast including Amartya Samadder, Chaitali De, Debatirtha Basu, and others, resonated deeply with the audience.

The play beautifully captured the universal theme of finding purpose in unexpected places, as Potol’s chance to play a small movie role rekindled his fervor for acting. Through mesmerizing performances, the cast showcased the significance of every role in the grand tapestry of a production, honoring their guru’s wisdom. The intricate set design by Kallol Nandi, Bhaskar Bhowmik, Pranjal Karmakar, and Kaushik Bardhan, coupled with Ambarish Mitra’s immersive soundscapes, transported attendees into the heart of Potol’s journey.

“Barnobiparjay”: A Quest for Self-Discovery

Written by Mohit Chattopadhyay, “Barnobiparjay” delved into the internal quest that resides within each individual, exploring the profound fear of losing oneself. Under the creative direction and music of Kallol Nandi, the cast, including Soutik Das, Rishi Ghosh, Snithik Das, Tanishka Das, Shubhagato Bhattacharjee, Pranjal Karmakar, and Subhadeep Ghosh, brought the play’s introspective themes to life with authenticity and depth.

The play gracefully navigated the complexities of human emotion, shining a spotlight on the profound journey of self-discovery and the struggle to retain one’s identity. The synergistic interplay of light, designed by Sudipta Samanta and Anasuya Dasgupta, with Soutik Das’s captivating artwork, further enriched the audience’s experience.

A Culmination of Creativity and Collaboration

Aabaha’s Annual Show 2022 was a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and the art of storytelling. The plays’ emcee, Richa Sarkar, skillfully guided the audience through the emotional landscapes of both productions, while Abhijit Hazra’s captivating photography and videography captured the essence of the performances.

The event was not only a celebration of theater but also a journey of self-exploration and cultural immersion. The synergy between the cast, crew, and the audience created an atmosphere of shared emotions, sparking discussions and reflections on the universal themes presented on stage.

Aabaha’s Commitment to Art and Culture

The success of Aabaha’s Annual Show 2022 echoed the organization’s commitment to nurturing and promoting artistic talent, cultural exchange, and the exploration of human experiences through theatre. The plays’ premieres, attended by enthusiastic audiences, illuminated the power of storytelling to ignite conversations and inspire introspection.

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