Pranjal Karmakar

Pranjal Karmakar is an ardent enthusiast of the performing arts, driven by a deep passion for recitation and playing the Tabla since a young age. Within the vibrant theater community of Aabaha, Pranjal plays a pivotal role in production design, contributing his creative talents to enhance the visual and aesthetic aspects of the performances.

In addition to his work behind the scenes, Pranjal has also showcased his acting skills in notable productions like Barnabiprajay, Patalbabu Filmstar, Sundar, and Resurrection. His performances have garnered high praise and appreciation from audiences, highlighting his remarkable talent and commitment to delivering captivating and memorable portrayals on stage.

Pranjal’s dedication to the performing arts is evident through his diverse contributions to Aabaha’s productions. Whether it’s through his meticulous production design or his compelling acting, Pranjal consistently adds depth and creativity to the performances, enriching the overall theater experience for both the cast and the audience. His passion and talent make him an invaluable member of Aabaha’s artistic community.