Debarati Mitra

Debarati Mitra was born and raised in Kolkata, India. She pursued her education at the University of Kolkata, where she majored in Philosophy. Debarati is a talent management and IT recruitment specialist by profession.

From her early years, Debarati has had a deep involvement in cultural activities. During her school days, she actively performed in several dramas, showcasing her passion for the performing arts. This early exposure laid the foundation for her continued engagement in the theater.

Debarati has a keen interest in crafts and performing arts. She has attended acting workshops to further develop her skills and enhance her performances on stage. Her involvement with Aabaha productions has been notable, with one of her plays, “Existence,” receiving multiple awards from various sources. She has portrayed significant roles in Aabaha’s productions, including the protagonist in plays like “Independence Day” and “Resurrection.”

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Debarati actively participates in cultural programs within her community in the Greater Atlanta area. This involvement showcases her dedication to celebrating and preserving cultural heritage while fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.

In addition to her professional and artistic pursuits, she also care for a dog and three guinea pigs, that only emphasizes Debarati’s commitment to animal welfare. She actively supports a local dog shelter by regularly fostering dogs and engaging in non-veterinary animal care.

In her leisure time, Debarati enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures, further expanding her horizons and embracing diverse experiences.