Amartya Samadder

Amartya, born and raised in a Kolkata suburb, has a deep connection to Bengali culture. His first performance on All India Radio sparked his passion for recitation, leading him to receive formal training from artists like Partha Ghosh and Gouri Ghosh. He traveled extensively in Bengal, showcasing his talent a Voice Artist, including the successful production of “Shesher Kobita” with over 40 shows in various cities.

Amartya’s journey in theater began with his debut in “Dakghor” at the age of seven. Joining the street theater group RITOM, he performed in over 50 diverse productions, including mimes and dance dramas. Amartya’s love for short street dramas, known for their social messages, flourished. He also graced prominent venues in West Bengal, such as Rabindra Sadan, Academy of Fine Arts, Salt Lake Stadium, Yubo Utsav, Bishwa Banga Sammelan, Hope 86, Berhampore Rabindra Sadan, and the Calcutta Book Fair, and ventured into the United States, performing in cities such as New Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. His own production at the NABC Las Vegas festival received widespread acclaim.

Amartya’s theater education and growth were influenced by notable individuals such as Debshankar Haldar, Soumitra Mitra, and Gautam Sengupta. Sharing the vision of Aabaha, founded by Kallol Nandi, Amartya participated in transformative productions like “Sundar,” “Revolver,” and “Patalbabu Filmstar,” directed by Kallol Nandi and Soumitra Mitra.