Resurrection Poster | Credit: Soutik Das

In the dark prison of Jerusalem, death by crucifixion awaits a young Rabbi and a notorious murderer. Before Pontius Pilatus lies a choice: to follow his conscience and set the Rabbi free or to succumb to the priests that demand his blood. Rabbi Jesus is declared guilty and Barabbas the murderer goes free. Or does he? Set in the turmoil that follows, “Resurrection” written by Soumitra Basu, tells the story of changing hearts, of struggle, of faith, of cruelty, and of hope.

Playwright: Soumitra Basu

Direction & Editing: Kallol Nandi

Arnab Bose, Debarati Mitra, Kaushik Bardhan, Kaushik Basu, Pranjal Karmakar, Rituparna Banerjee, Soutik Das, Subhadeep Ghosh, Sudipta Samanta, and Sushen Das

Costume Designers:
Sonia Datta, Jaba Chaudhuri, and Debarati Mitra

Sanjukta Sarker

Production Designers:
Pranjal Karmakar and Kaushik Bardhan

International Theater Festival 2021 organized by Aabaha on Saturday, December 4, 2021

শিশুদিবস (Children’s Day)

Children’s Day Poster | Credit: Rina Datta Chakravorty

Shishudibas (Children’s Day) tells the story of a journey from the rural outskirts to the bustling metro chasing the hope of a miraculous cure and a chance of life for a child and his family. Being referred to the hospital in the big city, Sarama and Gokul risk it all in their desperate bid to save the life of their newborn child.
Staged on the background of November 14th, a day hailed as Children’s Day, the play places a seething attack on the hypocrisy within our society.

Playwright: Mainak Sengupta (based on a short story written by Dibyendu Palit)

Direction: Kallol Nandi

Arko Pandit, Rina Chakravorty, Kallol Nandi, and Subhadeep Ghosh.

Sound and Technical Support: Kaushik Bardhan

Panodrama 2021 organized by Brishchik and Bhindeshi, Seattle, WA, USA on Saturday, November 13th, 2021

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