Shubhagato Bhattacharjee

Shubhagato Bhattacharjee’s a.k.a. Shubho (he/him) is a theater enthusiast with an undying passion for the stage. A proud resident of Atlanta, Georgia his love for theatre started from the young age of 10 when he represented his small town back in India at an Intra State Theatre competition.

As a student and practitioner of stagecraft, he has been involved in theater across 3 continents, be it as an actor, writer or director. His foray into serious theater started with his involvement with The British Council’s Theatre festivals in India. It was during this period that he learnt more about English Theater (Shakesperian as well as contemporary), worked backstage with various theater groups (participating in the festival) as well appeared onstage in leading roles. This exposure enthused him to join professional theater groups in India where he worked as an intern with several reputed groups over a period of 3 years. This period helped him hone his acting skills and develop his love for storytelling. The exposure also led him to work across 3 film productions (behind the scenes) and appear on 5 television programs. 

In Atlanta, Shubho has been involved with two of Atlanta’s largest Southeast Asian theater groups- Aabaha and ATW- where he has been an integral part of their productions. Under the tutelage of Kallol Nandi (of Aabaha)- a theater veteran with over a decade of experience, Shubho has performed in productions both at home as well as in theater festivals in other states. From playing comedic roles in ‘Pathor’  to slice of life roles in ‘Ekti Aadhunik Upakhyan’ , Shubho has been on the journey of expanding his repertoire with both light hearted as well as difficult roles in productions like ‘Gondhojaale’ and ‘Barnobiporjoy’. Shubho considers himself fortunate to have been among the cast of a famous play (Patalbabu Filmstar) staged in Atlanta, directed by veteran theatre professional Mr. Soumitra Mitra (of Purba Paschim theatre group of Kolkata, India).

In the times to come, Shubhagato promises to continue communicating to and entertaining his audience in the common language of theater. For him, this is just the beginning.