Sarbani Samadder

Sarbani Samadder is a dedicated advocate for promoting Bengali culture among children and young adults of Indian heritage residing in the United States. With a deep passion for the arts, she has taken on the roles of director and performer in a variety of dramatic productions, dance dramas, Bengali recitations, and shruti natoks. Her endeavors have taken her to numerous states across the country, including Ohio, Chicago, California, Nevada, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia.

Sarbani’s connection to Bengali culture dates back to her early years, where she began immersing herself in its richness. Her love for dance propelled her further into the realm of Bengali culture, and she has had the privilege of participating in acclaimed plays such as Shyama, Chandalika, Chitrangada, Tasher Desh, Shapmochan, Pujarini, and Ritu-Rongo. These performances have taken place in various cities in India, including Kolkata and Bhopal, allowing Sarbani to showcase her talent and contribute to the preservation and celebration of Bengali culture.

Sarbani Samadder’s artistic journey began with her passion for dance drama and expanded to encompass various other art forms such as drama, recitation, and shruti natok. She has dedicated herself to deepening her understanding of Bengali culture through collaborations with esteemed individuals like Partha Ghosh, Gouri Ghosh, Debshankar Haldar, Soumitra Mitra, Raktim Sen, and others who have enriched her artistic pursuits.

Sarbani’s talent and commitment have led her to be a part of significant productions. She showcased her skills in Aabaha’s Potolbabu Filmstar under the direction of Soumitra Mitra. She is an active and valued member of the Atlanta Theatre Workshop, where she has taken on pivotal roles in productions such as Dui Hujur Er Goppo, Chor, Boropishiman, Pathor, Omni International, Ekti Obastob Golpo, and Ashchorjo Ramayana. Additionally, she has directed plays like Ekadoshi Boiragi, Hela-Fela, and Horikhela.

Sarbani’s contribution to promoting Bengali culture extends beyond her performances. She plays a significant role in organizations like Atlanta Abrittichocha and BAGA, working diligently to organize and participate in numerous programs aimed at fostering Bengali poetry among the Indian community in the United States. Through her diverse artistic endeavors, Sarbani Samadder continues to inspire and spread the beauty of Bengali culture among audiences both locally and internationally.