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ফেরা (The Return)

Synopsis: Social crises pushed talented youngs to opt for an anarchist lifestyle, but a doubt was always there in their mind. Story unfolds how they came[…]

শিশুদিবস (Children’s Day)

Synopsis: Shishudibas (Children’s Day) tells the story of a journey from the rural outskirts to the bustling metro chasing the hope of a miraculous cure and[…]

একদিন বিকেলবেলায় (In One Afternoon)

Playwright: Brajasundar Das Direction and Editing: Kallol Nandi Casts: Kallol Nandi and Mahuya Mandal Synopsis:Forty years old memories and a concealed love were evoked after[…]

অজ কাহিনি (The Story-Caprine)

Synopsis: For centuries, the goat has reigned supreme in the Bengali kitchen, be it by the shores of Kolkata or in the suburbs of America. A[…]